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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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if we display var1 then what will b displayed in below condition. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -10. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -11. " " " -12. " " " -13. -14 ... ... -19.

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I have a cobol program with a sub program. How ca i find that it is a dynamic call? or static call..?

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can u give result for the fallowing example... 05 a pic 9(2) 05 b redifines a pic x(2). move 'xy' to b. display a,b.

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) How do you access the migrate the data from production region to development region

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Where the Plan is located in CICS-DB2

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How do you get the data to code the BMS macro?


what are the working storage fields in BMS macro?

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what is the difference between PA & PF keys?

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Whats the difference between search & search ALL?

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If I want to increase the Limit in GDG. What should I do?

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how do u list the abended jobs?

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)If there are 10 steps in GDG, if I want to refer the step2 after step5 . what should I do?



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) what is the difference between AID and HANDLE AID?


) What is the use of IGNORE?

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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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