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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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If I want to increase the Limit in GDG. What should I do?

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1.Is it possible to move the data from 99.99 to 99v99? 2.What is the CICS-vsam Compilation process? 3.In My GDG 5 generation will be there GDG3 got an abend what will happen? 4.In my GDG first generation is +1 And I want to add the new generation what will happen previous generation? 5.How can you give the PIC clause below conditions A). s9 (reddy), B). s9 (5) occurs 5 times? 6.How override the proc from a particular step? and what is symbolic and override Procs?


I have a File that has duplicate records. I need only those records that occur more than thrice.?

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How to use the same COBOL program in Batch and CICS on lines? explain with an example


what is lrec=f,what is difference between f,fb,v,vb?what is default value?how do we came to know that records are in f,fb,v,vb?

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I had 100 records and i want to execute last three records by using cobol programming?what will be coding?

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I have a file it contain 10 records.i got abend at 8th record because of do you know that perticular record got abend?

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what is label record is standard or omitted in file description of data division?

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What is the default value of DISP parameter?

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What is the default value of DISP for temp datasets

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01 var1 pic s9(9)v99. 01 var2 pic x(30). procedure division. move 12345.99 to var1. move12345.99 to var2. display var1. display var2. what is the output?

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how to fetch the record before the last record in a cobol file( its a huge file and if the key field is not known)

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Have you used comp and comp-3 in your project? And how?


Why we are using comp and comp-3 in real time projects?

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Have you used the sort in your project?for this type of questions any working on real time project give the eg. with real time scenario.


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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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