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IBM Interview Questions
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how do you resolve -818 error in db2. where we have to see time stamp token. i said by seeing in load module and plan .is it correct or not. give clear explination for how to see time stamp token

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how to resolve -811

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how to resolve -805. give clear explination for that

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how to fetch first 100 rows in db2

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when i am trying to update a table having 1000 rows. the program we will come to know the last successful updated row was. we are not using any commit operations

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if we give two job cards in a single what happens

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how to split a file

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how to rename domain name in win 2003 server

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what is secondary market?

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How can i keyed a flat file in RPGLE

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What are difference between Juniper and checkpoint firewall? and Can you explain me about the difference between checkpoint and Cisco pix firewall ?

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What do u mean by Derivatives and its types?

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Can I run multiple websites with same port number and different IP address?

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How we handle the runtime database schema change issue in application?

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what are the bind parameters?

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IBM Interview Questions

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