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IBM Interview Questions
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cobol is execution r not without jcl


why you want to work in bpo

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What will happen when we try to pass data from JCL to COBOL using PARM parameter without declaring the length field in Linkage Section?

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write a program in c language to print your bio-data on the screen by using functions.

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what is database

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How can you find the 2nd Highest salary in a file department wise in abinitio?

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code for reverse alternate words from astring

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We have an output dataset in job with disp parameter as SHR. Can we write data in that file dataset?

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What is the command to check ports active in UNIX?

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I have a report with two queries and each query have prompt on some object. Tell me how many times it will ask for the input?

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explain about informatica server architecture?

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what is the size of your data warehousing?


what are the fact table & dimensional table in pharmaceutical and hospotal related products???


what is the dashbords?

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what is the drillup & drill down?and use of the drill up and drill down?

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IBM Interview Questions

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