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IBM Interview Questions
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what is use of fload loading into set table?

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write a query following data. 123.45 is input.write a query after decimal (ex:.45) load into database ?how it possible?

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in bdc. i have created bdc prg and executed. i got output in system. same bdc prg again executed in other system but i dint get the o/p. both system r in n/w connection. wats the prob.plz help me to get o/p.

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How to relege locks in fastload and multiload? example?

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what is file identifier wher we can use

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what are the types of identifers

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import*; class Demo { public static void main(String args[]) { File f=new File("1234.msg"); String arr[]=f.list(); System.out.println(arr.length); } }

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Difference b/n Loadrunner and Performance center?

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How can we tune if buffer busy wait issue comes in oracle?

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what are the different types of database servers


how to delete the funcation location

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how to improve the query perfoemance in teradata.with example?and how explain this in interview?please forward answer

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how to purge 50 initiators continuously?? console commands??

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1)How to Duplicate Records Delete in Sequential file?

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unique properties of button,edit box, radio button,check box?

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IBM Interview Questions

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