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IBM Interview Questions
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How to get internet connection? tell me the route in pc?

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How you can perform field-validation in your dialog program ?

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What is the difference between windows 2000 and windows 2003 server features? what is ASR? What are the roles of FSMO? Which are Forest level roles and Domain level roles? What are the steps taken while moving the FSMO roles? Types of RAID and brief description ? Which are all fault tolerant raids? What is the actual disk space utilised in RAID5 and RAID1? What is the diff btwn Mirroring and Duplexing? What are the different types of partitions in Active Directory? What is the database file name created when ADS is installed and where is it stored? What are the types of Sites available?

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How to search strings in multiple dataset with conditions 'string1 & string2'?

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Write 7 differences between "Public" function and "Private" function?

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What is mean by Data Driven framework in QTP? Can any one answer me in details on this regard.


Pass Journal Entry for the following Mr.A is running Furniture Business. He bought 10 chairs at Rs.1000 each. He used one chair for his personal use.

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what is the extension of SPDS Dynamic cluster tables?


What is metric studio?what is score cards and how to implement score cards what is the use of score card?

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Why java Don't Support Multiple interitence

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what is mean topoplogy? you have which topology use the network?

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There are two steps in a JCl, the first one generates a report while the second step send an email saying the report has been generated, but the second steps should only be executed when the report file is non-empty. How can it be acheived. We may include steps in between.

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i would like to know under what circumstance the object will get locked on AS400.

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Hi ,i convert contrller as jSp And presentation as servlet ...will it do? if so what are advantage and idsadvantages

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what happens if we didnt close cursor in a cobol/db2 program

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IBM Interview Questions

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