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IBM Interview Questions
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what is meant by gateway

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why do fans generally rotate in anti clock wise direction??

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1. How actually index will work ? 2. Why do people prefer mostly bitmap index and btree index in datawarehouse ? 3. If I use the column in aggrigate functions like max,min,count and avg and if I have a index created on that column, will it increases the performance ?

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Whether Aggrigator transformation ignore the null values or consider the null values ? Advance Thanks, Manojkumar

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i have two class that contain's two methods as same name in derived class i have to call these two methods what will happen at run time ?


How is Release Management is done in STLC. What are tools can be used for the same.

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what is mean alternative account number ?what is purpose ?

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how we can calculate natural vibration frequency for steam turbine rotor please.


If I update one or more members in a pds in the step 1, how can I reach these new contents to be used in the step 2 of the same job? To start a new job via intrdr is not satisfactory, because I must solve this problem in one job.

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how many types of operating system are avaliable?


how to modify a a paritcular field value of BDC table ? suppose im filling company code in of of the screens.Now i want to use the same BDC table with just compant code different.

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What happens when DC supply is given to transformer

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HI Everyone, I have a question....... In solaris the Root File system is full And the var also under the root only, At that time I opened /etc/system file by using Vi editor and finally i quiet from the file..... 1. Is the /etc/ystem file is corrept? 2. Is the anything interrlink B/W rot Filesystem and /etc/system file?


How HashMap implemented in java? how it internally works when values are added or searched from hashMap?What is the difference betweenthe implementation of hashmap and Linked Hashmap?

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In star and delta connected systems , for driving power and as well as light load which one you will preferred?

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IBM Interview Questions

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How to launch a control panel applet?


how to carry out Magnetizing Current Test on Distribution transformer and what purpose we are doing this test. why transformer rating in always in KVA ? what ispositive, negative, zero sequence impedence? How ElCB tripping if Neutral touch with ground Why AC & DC capacitor are use in UPS ? why motor rating in KW? how to syncronize two dg sets


Explain what inheritance is, and why it's important?


What will amazon rds manage on the behalf?


Does typescript support all object oriented principles?


Which components are necessary for a new android project?


What is the replication factor?


How to identify if a class is a test class?


How do you edit citations in word?


What do you mean by function overriding & function overloading in c++?


What is the purpose of dd dummy statement?


Can you suggest me some good reference books on ADR/GDR/IDR which covers history, objectives, problems, theory and workings of GDR.


What is jms in websphere?


What is Web architecture that are followed while doing online project and tell the samples of architecture?


What’s the difference between raw_input() and input() in python3.x?