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IBM Interview Questions
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Can we define a variable with the access modifier private in an interface?

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system administration means

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How to give free goods in consignment sales process.?

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what is the ticketing tool for wipro and ticketing tool depends on company or client?


what is the process id for kernel process?

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How to apply note in SAP if SNOTE transaction doesn't exists?

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c program to display the information of given file similar to givan by the unix or linux command ls -l


In extended withholding taxes for submission of tax returns i.e. quarterly & annual which sap note is used?


How often we modify costing sheet?


1. What is Test data? 2. What is Test Development? 3. What is Boundary value & Equilance Partition? 4. What is Compatability testing? 5. How do you know Prepared Test cases are Responsable testcases or not? 6. Give me a Tracebility matrix documet & Deffination? 7. What is Error, Defect, Bug? 8. What is Smoke testing, Monkey testing, Sanity testing? 9. What is defference b/w Functionality testing & Regression testing? Give me a Example? 10. In your exp which type of defects you identify? 11. Tell me a defects for load testing,Security testing? 11. What is defference b/w System testing & User acceptance testing? 12. How many test cases write per a day& for one project how many testcases write you? 13. A professor has introduce some cources in college How to write test case for this requirement? 14. Write a test case for ATM Meachane? 15. Which configuration tool you used in .Net Application & Java based Applications? 16. What is the difference b/w Client server & Web based Application? 17. What is two tier & three tier application?Give me a example? 18. What is the defference b/w Java & J2ee? 19. Which model life cycles you used for Development & Testing? 20. Explain Development & Testing life cycles? 21. How to connect data table from QTP? 22. How QTP recognize Dynamic objects? 22. Which Atomation Frame work can you invoved in QTP& Explain me? 23. How QTP Tool Identify objects? 24 What is the difference b/w Check point & Out put value in QTP? 25. When did you give High Priority & High Seviority High Priority & Low Seviority High Seviority &High Priority High Seviority & Low Seviority?

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A 4-Pole D.C. Generator has a speed of 1500r.p.m. Then what will be the frequency of D.C. Generator ?

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what is the deafault domain funcinal level in window 2003?

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What is the use of SUN Server


How do you view shared memory statistics?

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what is tickets? tel me any real time tickets?

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IBM Interview Questions

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