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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are test case formats widely use in web based testing?

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What is CRUD testing

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Hi, Anybody can explain me What is the Difference between 2- tier and 3-tier Architecture.

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while reading srs document if you will get any doubt, what you will do?

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Hi everybody. In an interview i was asked to write the ECP for the range (1-10).

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What is Functional Testing?

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1) How to test session ? 2) There is a website in which the user has to register to use its features. Suppose one user has registered in that site by paying some amount only for 1 month. Now i want to test the application that the user should not use the features of the site after 1 month. How to test it? The tester cannot wait for 30 days to test it....bear in mind..Thanks in advance...

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Can anybody explain about Mercury Quality Center " Dashboard tab" and its usage. Thanks in advance

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What is Pega Testing ?

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How many types of applications are available for a Test engineer to test? In detail? PLZ.

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1. What is Test data? 2. What is Test Development? 3. What is Boundary value & Equilance Partition? 4. What is Compatability testing? 5. How do you know Prepared Test cases are Responsable testcases or not? 6. Give me a Tracebility matrix documet & Deffination? 7. What is Error, Defect, Bug? 8. What is Smoke testing, Monkey testing, Sanity testing? 9. What is defference b/w Functionality testing & Regression testing? Give me a Example? 10. In your exp which type of defects you identify? 11. Tell me a defects for load testing,Security testing? 11. What is defference b/w System testing & User acceptance testing? 12. How many test cases write per a day& for one project how many testcases write you? 13. A professor has introduce some cources in college How to write test case for this requirement? 14. Write a test case for ATM Meachane? 15. Which configuration tool you used in .Net Application & Java based Applications? 16. What is the difference b/w Client server & Web based Application? 17. What is two tier & three tier application?Give me a example? 18. What is the defference b/w Java & J2ee? 19. Which model life cycles you used for Development & Testing? 20. Explain Development & Testing life cycles? 21. How to connect data table from QTP? 22. How QTP recognize Dynamic objects? 22. Which Atomation Frame work can you invoved in QTP& Explain me? 23. How QTP Tool Identify objects? 24 What is the difference b/w Check point & Out put value in QTP? 25. When did you give High Priority & High Seviority High Priority & Low Seviority High Seviority &High Priority High Seviority & Low Seviority?

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what is the difference between waterfall model & v-model?

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hey showed me a Web page containing 3 text boxes labeled as Name, D.O.B & Blood Group.It also have 3 Buttons as OK, CANCEL,Reset. They told me that 1) when you click on OK it'll route you to the next page and save the data in the database. 2) When you click on CANCEL it'll route you to the previous page. 3) When you click on Reset it'll clears all the entries made by you. Now they asked me to write Test cases to test the functionality of that web page & asked me to write 1 critical test case after which they will give final go ahead to test the rest of the application... I wasn't able to write the critical test case. Plz answer.

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What are the models/stages available in SDLC.

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What are the different phases available in STLC.

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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