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What is Pega Testing ?

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What is Pega Testing ?..

Answer / mukesh kumar

Basically it is a rule based testing

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What is Pega Testing ?..

Answer / roopesh

Can any one please let me know the Ans in detail ?
What is pega testing ?

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What is Pega Testing ?..

Answer / ashish

will you explain rule based, and want to know about rule
engine also.
What does mean a rule engine product?

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What is Pega Testing ?..

Answer / kishore

Pega PRPC is a Application Development Product from Pega Systems. Its a Industry Leading BPMS tool. To Test Pega Applications one need to know the Testing Management Framework (TMF)from Pega as well as Required knowledge in Manual Testing and Regressive Testing. Using Pega Unit Testing Feature one can test the Flow Rules, Decision Rules, Integrations and Automated Regression Testing. more information can access from by a authorized mail id.

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What is Pega Testing ?..

Answer / vijay

Basically it is a rule based testing

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