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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is the start up Sequence of Dual stack(ABAP+ JAVA) SAP system??

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why sap implemented lock concept seperatly as db locks(Oracle) are already there?

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how you can do CCMS monitoring through Solution Manager?

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what are the activity you have done by using solution manager? please explain briefly some activity

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if java instance stop or failed so what action you will take?

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A role is assigned to 100 users and for one day only 10 users need to be able to access that role and the other 99 users should not have access. How do you do that?

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IF Import one request from Dev to Qua through STMS_IMPORT but after some time stms_import is still running and I dont no what is happening in behind so what will be my trace point.

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When will the table get automatically updated in the database IN ABAP? a) activating the table b) saving the table

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how to find the modifications or changes which are done by the particular user with in particular time period?

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what u mean by check point in the database of oracle& what return code 247 in TMS mean...

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hi... 1) i have 100 rfc connections on my target system. now i am performing system refresh..... do i recover all these connections using import export method or do i need to take screen shot of each rfc and create again after refresh. 2) if i delete any rfc in abap engine, do dis event writes into log if yes may i know how to check dis log file

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what is the function of garbage collector... can any one explain

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How can I restrict the user from printing? (What authorizations should we disable)

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what is diff b/n sm50 and sm66 with explanations and screenshots

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How can a user be able to access only for Customizing requests even if assigned se01 and se10?.


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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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