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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How to do the system copy ? can u plz expalin me step by step process

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How to create RFC CONNECTION between production server and Global trade system. what prerequsite we need for this.


Why we need to configure Develpment system as Domain controller? and can we transport requests from PRD to dev ?

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can i know the relation between sap security and Grc tools

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how do you troubleshoot when user complains that he is not getting login screen?

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how do you troubleshoot when user complains that he ii not getting sap portal

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How to increase swap memory without doing any changes to Parameter value

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what is single role and composite role diffrence ?

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How to take a sap backup using BRTOOLS explain the procedure? When using BRTOOLS, which backup device, you are used (Drive/tape)?

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what are authorisation object?tell me any five.

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Lets suppose we have 500 users in sap system 250 members are already logged into the system and rest of the 250 are unable to login along with master users like sap* etc. How do you troubleshoot this issue ?

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Advantage of central instance on application server

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what are the phases in version upgrade from 4.7ee to ecc6.0

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what can we do if shadow instance is down and getting up in prepare phase of upgrade


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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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