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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How many Background Process required for SAP patch updation?

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what is the difference with oracle 9i and 10g?

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What is the spool request and output request and difference b/w them?

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How to solve if more swaps are occurred?

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how to create list of users available in a client?

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how u will get help from SNOTES?

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1. Can we change the data file location from existing directory?

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2. What is Kernel dependent and independent in Sap basis?

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3. What are Unicode and non Unicode in sap?

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What is the production system configuration in sap basis4.7EE?

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What is the frequency of tapes which you use for backups?

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What are the prerequisites for adding a data file to a Table space?

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What will u do if a background is running from 2days?

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What is the minimum work processes needed for a SAP server?

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How to re-create missing indexes?

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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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