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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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if there are 3 clients in quality(100,200,300) and only two clients in production(100,200) , how many clients will be there after system Refresh ?

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I am having develoment with 3 clients (100,200,300) and in PRD one client(500)after an year i purchased a new machine for quality so i want to import 2 clients (100,200) and in qas but i want the 100 client only sap_user and sap_cust profiles and 200 client sap_all only can i do that in quality any answers plz suggest me

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how should I check the Last authorization failed using suim tcode?

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in sm51 server status ,when we used passive status ? ,can we change passive 2 active , if yes then how ? 

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How you connect ECC to EP?


How would you import a transport request at operating system Level?

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Consider a client 800 this client having 75 users but 15 users account was locked, I want to unlock this 15 users account at a time how you do?

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How to login in o.s level with adm user in sap basis ?  please tell me step by step ?

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how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?

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what is the prerequisite for doing sap release upgrade

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Using Tc SGEN I have generated 74% job and later I have terminated the job. I wish to start generating from where it stopped I have refreshed but to no chance, nothing was done. How should I further proceed so as to complete the remaining job?


What is the use of Trusted system? I know that there is no need of UID and PWD to communicate with partner system. In what situation it is good to go for Trusted system?


What is the use of profile paramater ztta/roll_area?


What is MySAP?


Why do you use DDIC user not SAP* for Support Packs and SPam?


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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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Hi Guys This is Sujith currently am residing in us of a i have issues attending interview calls thou am prepared for it i would really appreciate if someone from here could help me out with tips and thier valuable inputs on sap sd it would be great if someone could contact me on below given information thanks sujith email : yahoo id :


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