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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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in incompletion Procedure there is Status Group what is use in case of Pricing. In status group Price also one field what is use and how it affect sales document. from where it collect data.

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In a sales order there are 10 line items and the customer wants to cancel 1 item how u do that.

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What happens after PGI

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"what is your lavel in the company" interviwer asked me in the interview

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how can we order a different item as free good for an other item in a single line(exclusive category)

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When transfer order is used in picking?

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How to give free goods in consignment sales process.?

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can we give Rebate according to ship-to-party, not by payer?

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How do you release Sales Documents (Both Sales Orders & Delivery orders) blocked for credit in SD? Plz give detailed procedure along with path & T-codes in Credit Mgmt SD because interviewer is expecting more detailed procedure.

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What is the another name or alternate name for Storage Location?

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Tell me the table for SD Sales Document Flow?

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What is the difference between Cash Sale & Rush Order? Explain in detail regarding configuration steps as well as detailed procedure? How to answer this question in detail in order to satisfy interviewer?

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What is the most difficult Ticket you faced in Support Project till date? In many interviews I have been asked this question. How to answer/ handle this question? They are asking/ insisting for most difficult & typical tickets and asking about my analysis and how I resolved that ticket? If you have any difficult tickets which can be easily explainable in an interview then provide me 2-3 Typical & Difficult tickets relevant to SD Module. This is a crucial question in any interview as it is deciding the fate of the candidate success or failure in any interview. If we are telling some simple tickets they are asking for most difficult ones and they are not satisfied with such easy tickets. So, I request you to provide me with 2-4 crucial & most difficult tickets so that I can answer well this question the next time I face Interview-------Thankx

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How do you call up G/L accounts? You don't know which G/L accounts are posted to revenue keys account keys then from where can you directly access G/L accounts? Is there any alternate way to access G/L accounts other than t-code: VKOA transaction? From which Sales Screen/ Document you can check which G/L accounts are posted to your account keys? Can we access G/L accounts from Billing Document? Please provide detailed answer as this question is asked in many interviews?

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Tell me in consignment Fill up (CF) process whether gate pass (to show to security)is required in order to cross factory precints / premises and billing is carried out or not? Will there be any difference if it is a foreign project or domestic project? How to answer this question

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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