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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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how do u fnd the duplicate rows and how to delete the duplicate rows?

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what is the significance of newlookup port in dynamic look up

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how many ways can we implement SCD2?

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I am having a table with columns ID NAME 1 x and the requirement is to get the o/p like this 1 y ID Count(*) 1 z 1 3 2 a 2 2 2 b 3 c so write a sql query to get the id n how many times its count of repetition n there u shouldn't get the distinct(i.e id-3) Reply as early as possible

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how may sources can be used in a mapping at a time?(limit)

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what is the difference between look up and joiner(don't say joiner sopport only = where as look up support non-equijoin).

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suppose i have 1000 records and i want to load half of the record in target 1 and half in u'll do?

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while for 100 records in source table loaded sucessfully in trgt table . assume ,session will take 10min or 5 min to successfully succeeded. then 100 million records r there in source how much time will take by session to succeeded. there no fail ok.trgt table will load 100 million records with out any errors . don't tell perfect time . assume your self how much time to succeeded?

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lookup is passive y can't it be active? let us say i have some records in my source like 101,rohit,1000 101,rohit,1000 102,kumar,2000 like wise now as it is having multiple matches i return only first,last value it can't return bouth the values that means lookup is acting as select distinct right by default what means it is active?

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differnece between joiner and a look up(please don't give just definitions)....i mean in which scenario it is better to use joiner and in which scenario better o use lookup ??

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performance wise which one is better in joiner and lookup transformation?why?explain clearly?

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every DWH must have time dimension so now what is the use of the time dimension how we can calculate sales for one month,half-yr'ly,and year'ly?how we are doing this using time dimension.

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if i am having 10 records in source, i want 20 records in will you do it

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performance wise which one is better in joiner and lookup transformation?why?explain clearly?

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There is a table with emp salary column how to get the fields belongs to the salary greater than the average salary of particular department. Write a query

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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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