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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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What happen when you enable grid option avilable at session level ? (Ans found: Scalabily . A single session Parallelization) But how can one session is sharable among different nodes at the same time while running ?


What is best approach to load 100 different source files (Different structure) to differet target tables ?

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How to load data into 3 target tables which are in different schema but with the same name and same relational connection at infromatica level ? How to differentiate while loading ? and how to load ?

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If a workflow stops or fails after loading 10k records ? How can you recover it and If there is no order while reading data from source ?

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Different types of Power center errors?

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Lookup transformation, one condition is having SQL override (Empno < 10) and the other condition is Lookup (Sal>1000), which is dynamic. How will u resolve this situation?


What is different between informatica version 8 and 9 version

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I have one source table and three target tables. When the session runs for the first time involving the mapping,i want that the loading should take place in 1st Target table only. The 2nd time the same session runs the loading should take place in 2nd Target only only and similarly when the session runs for the 3rd time loading should take place in Third only. And again when the session runs for the 4th time loading should take place in 1st Target table.

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Session Recovery. 1000 rows in the source of which 500 passed through and then I killed the session. Can you perform a recovery and how

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Label in Informatica. How to remove existing Label.

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What is deployemnt groups, Lables, query and dynamic deployment group.

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replace multiple spaces with single space.

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how to insert header after each group.

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Some flat files are there, out of these having some duplicate. How do you eliminate duplicate files while loading into targets?


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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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