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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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what is degenerated dimension?

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what is constraint based loading

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which transformation should we use to get the 5th rank member from a table in informatica?can we achieve this in sql?

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i have two tables,table 1 having 2 columns and 3 rows,table2 having 3 columns and 2 rows.what is the output if i do left outerjoin,full outer join,right outer join?

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i did MBA in 2008. i got job as a Software Engineer(Informatica) in 2008 February in our college campus interviews through consultancy. my problem is when iam going interview HR people ask " YOu are MBA graduate how u get software(informatica) job". iam saying i got job in campus interviews. i have knowledge in informatica in dataware housing. is this answer correct or not. plese give me guidence

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Hello , I am unable to work with SQL transformation at least. Where do i need to give connection for sql transformaton ? At session level there is no property . I have created a SQL Transformation and chosen query mode. But do i need to pass connection information to it ? I don't know where do i need to write a query ? I have written a query in file and that file path i gave in the properties of SQL Transformation. But it is not working. Could any one of you please let know how can i work with SQL Transformation? Advance Thanks.


I want skip first 5 rows to load in to target? what will be the logic at session level ??

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i have oracle table A and target B. i don't know how many records. i want get get last record in table A as first record in target table B. write a sql query?

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SOURECE Name id dept sal 1 a1 A 100 2 b1 B 200 3 c1 C 300 4 d1 D 400 TARGET: Name id dept sal 1 a1 A 100 2 b1 B 200 3 WER1 567 300 4 d1 D 400 I HAVE SOURCE AND TARGET. HOW TO VALIDATE DATA? TELL ME 5 STEPS ABOVE TABLE?

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tell me some dimension tables names in banking domain informatica project(dont tell like depends on project, tell me names of dimension and fact table names in your project)?

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What are events in workflow manager?

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Does Facttable Normalized or Denormalized?

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i have a wf like wf-->s1-->s2-->s3-->s4 first start s1 later s2 later s3 here my session s3 have to run 3 times later start s4?

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i have a flat file and the file s are like below ****%%^^@@@G**@#A@#$N*&^E%^S@#h@@@##$$ IN THIS FORMATE Means un limited special charecter between and sides of the string data..output should be(GANESH) HOW YOU HANDEL THIS TYPE OF RECORDS,,COZ U DON"T KNOW WHERE AND WHAT ARE THE SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN BETWWEN THE NAME...

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How to fix the etl bugs..Tell me the process?

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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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