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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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I've a denormalized table EMP(empno,ename,phone,addr1,addr2,fax,email). Now I want to insert the record into target in the format that, there will be 2 target rows for 1 source record. In target the row needs to be inserted as: ROW1: empno,ename,addr1,phone ROW2: empno,ename,addr2,fax,email And I'm not allowed to normalize transformation. How to achieve?

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Input is like 1 1 1 2 2 3 and out put should be 1 2 3 How can u acheive using rank transformation ??

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Input flatfile1 has 5 columns, faltfile2 has 3 columns(no common column) output should contain merged data(8 columns) Please let me know how to achieve ??

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hi all hi have flat file like below my requirement is empid,ename,sal,loc 101,vamshi,5000,hyd 101,vamshi,5020,hyd 201,raju,5000,hyd 202,ram,4000,hyd 203,kumar,3500,pune 203,kumar,3500,pune 203,kumar,5000,hyd 203,kumar,6000,hyd i want the o/p like this in one target 201,raju,5000,hyd 202,ram,4000,hyd and in second target 101,vamshi,5000,hyd 101,vamshi,5020,hyd 203,kumar,3500,pune 203,kumar,3500,pune 203,kumar,5000,hyd 203,kumar,6000,hyd

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ename,deptcount vamshi,3 kumar,5 krish,8 in o/p i want vamshi record 3 times kumar record 5 times like wise what is the logic.? give the entire logic plz

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can u explain me banking domain projects ? and in banking domain projects how many dimension tables and how many fact tables and how to load source and targets in mapping level plese expain give me one example?

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how to connect two or more table with single source qualifier?

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hi guys i have an question how do you find out weather the column is numeric or combination of char and numbers or it contains char,numeric and special characters.

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is it reqire primary key and foreign key relation ship to join relational databases?if yes? explain?

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what is procedure to use mapping variable in source qualifier transformation? with example

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source target Q410 4 2010 Q311 3 2011 Q412 4 2012 Q309 3 2009

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111111111111ravi11111111kumar11111111111? i want display ravi kumar using sql?

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what is correlated query?

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what is inline view?

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What is the difference between SOURCE and TARGET BASED COMMITS?

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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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