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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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What are the associated ports in look up T/R.

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what is the mechanism of the Master-Detail joining condition?

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whats the logic to load the lower level of granularity of data to fact table.


What exactly mentioned in High level design document.can somebody explain me sequentialy.

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if we are extracting 600000 records from a source table so how much volume of records frequently we load in warehouse. (Iknow its depend on client requirement) still i want to know how much volume of records store in warehouse.

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How to load dimension and fact in same mapping at same time.explain me the logic used for that scenario.

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how can we load starting with 11th record of a table from source to target

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can we use lookup t/r in flat files?what are the t/r's can be used in flat files when compared to relational DB?

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can we load the data with out a primary key of a table? what is target plan?

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how to load dimension table and fact table. plz tell me the steps.


1) Alternative to update strategy transformation 2) out of 1000 records after loading 200 records, the session got failed. how do u load the rest of records ?? 3) use of lookup override

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explain about lookup t/r?

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explain abt joiner t/r?

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explain abt union t/r?

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explain abt ur project architecture?


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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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