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IBM Informatica Interview Questions
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Hi, In a mapping I have 3 targets and one fixed width file as source. Total 193 records are there . I connected one port in aggregator to all 3 targets. The same value need to be load into these 3 targets . It is loaded like that only but in different order. Why? The order of insertion should be same know for all 3 targets ? Then why the order is changed ? Any one please help me. Advance thanks.

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Hi, What is version control in Informatia ? Can anyone just give an idea or introduction about this? Advance Thanks

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my source contain data like this cno cname sal 100 1000 200 2000 i want load my data to the target is cno cname sal 100 rama 1000 200 karuna 2000 plz send the answer

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What is Story point Estimation ? Can any one give just an introduction about this ? Advance Thanks

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Hi Everybody, I have one fixed width file as source and 4 oracle tables (relational) as target. What are the Unit test cases i need to implement ? 1.Using TextPad software i tested postion of the field 2.As per specification i tested like whether it is correctly mapped or not? Is there any other test case do i need to implement. If possible can any one give me the test cases Advance Thanks


Hi, As shown below i have repositories under that some folder are there . Between these repositories and folder some thing is there.I want to know what is that? repositories repo1 repo2 repo3 IS_## IS_## IS_## Folder1 Folder2 Folder3 - - - Here i want to what IS_## represents ? Advance Thanks

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my source is a comma delimited flatfile as eno, ename, sal 111,sri,ram,kumar,1000 and my target should be eno ename sal 111 sri ram kumar 1000 i.e; we need to eliminate the commas in between the data of a comma delimited file.

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have you developed documents in your project? and what documents we develop in realtime?

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to improve the performance of aggregator we use sorted input option and use sorter t/r befor aggregator. But here we are increasing one more cache in our mapping i.e; sorter. So how can u convince that you are increasing the performance.?

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how will u get 1 and 3rd and 5th records in table what is the query in oracle please help me

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How u use pdf file in informatica source?

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If the records doesnt satisfy the filter condition where will it go?

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can we use cartesian join in informatica

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can we use self join in informaitca?

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what is bitmap index? did u use it?and how to use it in informatica

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IBM Informatica Interview Questions

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