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How is Release Management is done in STLC. What are tools
can be used for the same.

How is Release Management is done in STLC. What are tools can be used for the same...

Answer / jayati

Here are the main elements of Release Management to have in mind:


* To plan and manage releases to the customer successfully
* To consider all technical and non-technical aspect of a release by taking a holistic view of implementing changes to IT services


* To plan the successful roll-out of software and related hardware
* To design and implement efficient procedures for the distribution and installation of changes to IT systems
* To communicate and manage the expectations of the customer
* To ensure implementations are traceable, secure and that only correct, authorized and tested version are installed
* To agree the exact content and roll-out plan for the release, trough liaison with Change Management.
* To ensure that master copies of all software are secure and that the CMDB is updated
* To ensure that all hardware being rolled out or changed is secure and traceable, using the service of configuration management.

Release Management MindMap Picture


* Release definition
* Release Plans, Test plans & Acceptance Criteria
* Copies of Installation media and instructions


* Release Policy and planning
* Release design, build and configuration
* Release acceptance, sign-off for implementation
* Roll out Planning
* Extensive Testing
* Communication, preparation and training
* HW and SW audit prior to Implementation of Change
* Installation of new or upgraded SW
* Storage of Controlled SW
* Release, Distribution and the Installation of SW

Release Management Activities


* Detailed Release & Build instructions
* Purchase orders, licences & warranties for 3rd party HW and SW
* Automated installation scripts and test plans
* Master copies of install. Media and install. Instructions (stored in DSL)
* Back-out procedures
* Tested Install procedures, Release Components, backout procedures
* Known errors to be carried into live env.

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