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IBM Interview Questions
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how cubic feet cement,sand,aggregate required for 1 cubic feet ratio=1,1.5,3

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in one page we have 100 links i have to click the 99th link how can i click the 99th link.

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We have 10 page.In first page we 2 popup and next page we 3 popup window......(windows name is different)how can we handle the all the popups without using recovery scenario

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Who will close the bug and how it is closed..........?

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what is bandwidth in loadrunner.

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what is JAVA TESTING? What Testers will do in JAVA Testing. Can any one Give suitable Ans Pls. it's urgent


How we do trimming in Solaris and how to prevent the /var from become disk full.


1.what is test automation life cycle?

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write code to read and write data from file?

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what is incident management and change management and prob management in ticketing tool ,can u explain briefly?

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What is the main difference between webservies 6.5 and webservies 7.1.2

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program to find the number of objects used in a given program through a display.

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Where does billing type controls ? In sales order level where to Pick the plant and customer ?

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How to initialize 20,000 bytes in the Assembler..

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How do you fix the known and unknown impurity limit for a drug substance?

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IBM Interview Questions

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