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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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2-What is the difference between At New and On change Of inside a loop??I want inside a loop difference not basic difference??

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What is the difference between Selection Screen on Request and Selection screen on input?

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What is the difference between At selection screen and At selection screen on output?

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For what purpose Chain Endchain statement is used?

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What is Set Screen and Leave screen?

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How to convert Normal function module to RFC enabled Function Module?

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What is the difference between ABAP and HR ABAP


What is logical data base

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I want to disable a field in selection screen so that it does not appear while displaying.How can i do that?wat wud be the code?

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In Interactive Report : How to come from Secondary List 10 to secondary list 4? what is the Program code?

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I am getting the (first) page number and the remaining records displayed in another list in another page BUT the PAGE Number is not displayed? What is the code/solution?


I have 2 radio buttons with 2 fields each on selection screen.My requirement is like if click on 1st radio button the second radio button field should be disabled and and vice versa.How can i do that?

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What will happen if i dont use initialization and start of selction event in report?

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What is collect statement?explain with example?

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Is logo in script 1st stored as tiff format before uploading or in jpeg format?and where is that stored after uploading?


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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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