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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is the purpose of Edit Masking?

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Where u can use the Currency Field?

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1/ what is the diff between parameter & range ? 2/ what is the methodology used in your project ? 3/ what is system symbol ? 4/ what is the diff between support project & implimented project ?

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1/ how can u move a logo from presentation server to application server ? 2/ The logo uploaded using rstxldmc prog . where it is going to store ? 3/ The logo is got inverted then how u handle this situation ? 4/what r clients ? what r the client no available in a company ? 800 client for which application ? 5/if i will display data by writing statement on start-of- selection then what is need of end-of-selection in classical reporting ? 6/ can u use at-line-selection & user-comand at atime in same programe ?

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hi what is difference between REUSE_ALV_GRID_display and reuse_alv_list_display .

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How you can perform field-validation in your dialog program ?

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how will u write a report for performance point of view ?

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1/ what r the driver programe used in your script ? 2 / can we change from classical report to interactive report ?

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1. Driver prog & executive prog both r same ? 2. what is difference between At selection screen & At selection out put ? 3 . what is node used in smart form ?

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What is the sequential order of triggering events in interactive report?

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What is the sequential order of triggering events in interactive report?

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1.Have you created custom table? Do you always use existing data elements and domains or create new ones? whatis the transaction code to see existing data elements and domains? 2.Performance wise inner join is better or For..ALL entries? why? 3.Where will you place data element domain and field together in an ABAP Program? 4.How will you pass the data/programs from one system to other system? 5.How will you print TOP-OF-PAGE in ALV Report?How will you make ALV Report interactive? 6.In Interactive report if i try to go to 20th list and my report has only 19 list what will be output? 7.Have you worked on Function Modules?How will you raise EXCEPTIONS in function modules? 8.Why you say Call transaction is faster than session? 9.How the business is carried out in your organisation?How did you get specs for coding ? Explain me complete step by step scenario from client deciding to switch SAP to your role of coding and after coding explain me how the object reaches back to client? Dont explain me about 5 phases like Business blueprint,realization etc? 10.To find User exit in SD module we can use development class VMOD and find out related exits. Which development class you use for MM FICO and PP Modules?

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****THANK YOU ALL ABAP EXPERTS**** I got a JOB as ABAP Consultant in Infosys.I cleared the interview.The question posted here are really good.I cleared interview based on this material only.It really works.I thank all members who posted que&ans here. Those who are in search of job in MNC study this question set only you will get sucess. Thanks once again and members of this community.


How to debug a smart form?

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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