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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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As an ABAP developer, how can we check after we release our object as to where has it reached(i.e. testing client box ,production client box etc)? In case it is not possible please let me know the same.

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difference between primary index and secondary index.when we use secondary index in reports?

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smartforms have an advantage i.e,both layout and code can combine .but when we go for driver program in smartform?

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what are diffrences between user-exits and customer-exits?

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Hi Experts, we have coded in smartforms also but why we r going to driver program for smartforms..

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will sorted internal tables help in performance?

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How to find only duplicate records from table ?

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How to debug ABAP workflow ?

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hi this is question is :set-screen,call-screen and leave screen differences and when we use those statement while implimenting code.please help me .iam in trails now..

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can i write combine code for row material and finish good for BDC?plz give me steps to create combine bdc.

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what is bapi?

3 4701 help is there for table or structure or both? structure there is no technical attribute, then how will u call data elements/fields into the structure? 3. i want to add/write some code in sap standard program in function module related in badi,then how will u write your code in sap standard Fm in badi? 4.what is kapler badi? 5.what is the use of log text in table technical attributes while creating table? 6.what are the fields i have to take to releae/creat a PO from Pur req? 7. if i have already release po as per the Pur req and vendor supplied the material,then again i want same 100 material,then wt will u do? are u release po again? what are steps u follow for this situation?

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i have a requirement.there are 2 fields and one check box on my selection screen.initially first field sud be mandatory, when we click on check box the first field which was mandatory sud now be optional and second field sud be mandatory?please provide me the solution asap.Thank you

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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