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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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In BDC,i have 3 transaction and one flat file with data for all those 3 transaction requires........i want to process these 3 transaction at a time using that single flat file,if 3rd transaction fails to upload the record,can we roll back the remaining 2 transaction or we can't?Is it possible in BDC,How?

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How to find function module or Bapi for particular transaction in sap?

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my questions are (1) how to transport a table along with its data from dev to prod/qa server? pls reply elaborately. if possible with screen shots. (2) i want to display like this :- * ** *** ****

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With the use of secondary index we can make a program run faster but we are advised not to use secondary index why is that so??

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If i have locked a program using Locking and iam in bangalore.How can i give authorization to other user to use my program who is another place say Pune?is it possible?

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I have developed a program where i have used Ranges and the program is running fine in DEV and Quality server but as soon as it goes to Prod server it shows some errors.What can be done in this case??

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how we can moddify a internal table without using modify statement

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How to find user exit

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What Methods are using in Perform tuning

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what is difference between User Exit and BADI

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Steps of creation of IDOC

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How to find the status of failure a IDOC

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What is RFC? When it is use?

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how u define that idoc is generated for ale or edi method ?

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1-What is a Text Table?

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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