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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Which technical field in the BDCDATA table holds the last cursor position

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Hi To all ABAP Guru's while transporting any report program do we need to trasnport the text elements seprately or not reuired ? if it is so how do u transport the text elemtns ? Thanks in Advance for ur answers

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How to reprocess the failed IDOC? How wil u know idoc is failed?What are tcodes?

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what is the use of lock object??

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Why we are using Macros instead of Function Modules


1. what is IDOC monitoring ? what is the tcode used for idoc monitoring ? 2 . what is change pointer in ale ?


How to Raise a Particular Ticket in Realtime ?


What is the use of SLIS type pool in Alv reports ?

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Difference between client dependent and client independent tables ?

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How to debugg script?

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what is sap package ?

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how to create form without mainwindow

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im trnsfering 10 data records from outbound though idocs but 8 records are transferred , what about remaing records but it did not show any error?

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In smart forms page no will be displayed as 2 of 15, 9 of 15 but while printing 10 of 15 it does not print correctly tell me how to handle this scenario.

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what is EDI ,ALE , Debugging, Smart Forms ,IDOC'S & BDOC'S

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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