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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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when is the POV AND POH event used?

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Is der any other criteria for using For All Entries except if not itab is initial?

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How many times we can use At Selection Screen Output and on field event in report?

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what is sap scriptview ?


by which function module we are going to put data into sapscript ?

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is there any tping conversions in abp.and list them

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In Table Field when display the Name, whose first charecter should be capital letter and rest will be small letter.


dear friends, do you know how to configure web dynpro and adobe into ECC6.0 IDES?


why sapscripts are client dependent and smartforms are cliet independent,plz give me a brief explanation,thank u.

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how do u know what is the exact user-exit for that particular enhancement.

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what is the pre-requisite for read statement and can we read the standard table using read statement

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for example in client 710 i update the records for tcode me21 using bdc,in the same server if i update 5 records and in the mean while other user do the same bdc update for me21 for 3 records how do u resolve the remaining 2 records.

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What is Macro

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How does system know that your SAP login userid is assigned to a perticular employee number (PERNR)?

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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