system administration means

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system administration means..

Answer / abhi

An individual responsible for maintaining a multi-user
computer system, including a local-area network (LAN).
Typical duties include:
# Adding and configuring new workstations
# Setting up user accounts
# Installing system-wide software
# Performing procedures to prevent the spread of viruses
# Allocating mass storage space

The system administrator is sometimes called the sysadmin or
the systems administrator. Small organizations may have just
one system administrator, whereas larger enterprises usually
have a whole team of system administrators.

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system administration means..

Answer / abhishek dixit

System administration generally refers to configuring a
computer or computer systems, software, Databases etc. It
involves creating users, user groups, accesses, setting up
network configurations, IP addresses and so on. It involves
installing software patches such as the Operating System
upgrades. It may also involves some amount of computer
hardware knowledge.

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system administration means..

Answer / santosh

System administration means: creating and managing the
system, includes: manage user
accounts/group,hardware/software installation, defragment,
update patches.

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system administration means..

Answer / sanjib talukdar

Creating and managing the system.

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system administration means..

Answer / shivakumara m

system administration means to take care all activities of
system related to hardware and software is system
like softwre
1)install and upgrade operating system
2)installing,configuring and maintain application software
3)installing,configuring and maintain database software
4)configuring network setup like LAN,WAN,VPN,VLAN

like hardware
1)installing NIC(network inerface card)
2)installing game cards
3)installing peripheral devices
4)installing LAN,WAN,VPN,VLAN components.

i hope that above explination is enough,.,., all the best

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system administration means..

Answer / yogesh sharad borse

System administration means administration of system resources like
1) Server Installation \ Upgradation
2) Installing ,monitoring & Troubleshooting server
important,security,moderate patches
3) Looking after server disk space, memory utilisation , CPU
utilization & so on...
4) Looking after Backup of all the servers happening or not
4) Troubleshoot the critical hardware failures.
4) looking after server uptime.
& so on......

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system administration means..

Answer / mohan

Full control of system

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system administration means..

Answer / jayaraman.m

System Administration means to manage and contol the whole systems of an organisation.

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