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What is the Configuration Management?

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What is the Configuration Management?..

Answer / logu

Set of standard and procedure to followed to manage the changes in the software in the SDLC.

Maintain the document and Version of the Software.

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What is the Configuration Management?..

Answer / varshab

Configuration management is process followed to identify
all items of testware ,version controlled so that
traceability can be maintained throughout the life cycle.It
track for changes and record who made changes so that we
can track back.For tester configuration management helps to
uniquely identify tested items,document and test cases.
Configuration management tools and infrastructure is
defined in test planning.

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What is the Configuration Management?..

Answer / deepa

software configuration management (SCM) is the task of
tracking and controlling changes in the software.
Configuration management practices include revision control
and the establishment of baselines.

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What is the Configuration Management?..

Answer / revati

Configuration Management is :
- The process of identifying & defining the configuration
items in a system,
- controlling the release and change of these items
throughtout the system life cycle,
- recording and reporting the status of configuration items
and change requests,
- and verifying the completeness and correctness of
configuration items.

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