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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage
what mean by 1.732

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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732..

Answer / gova

draw the vector diagram for three phase balanced voltage or
current vectors.Then you will find why this 1.732 factor

1.732 is only for three phase vectors.


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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732..

Answer / sanjana

line voltage is equal to sqrt of 3 the phase voltage and
that is line voltage=1.732 phase voltage

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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732..

Answer / ariel

Line voltage = 2 * phase voltage * sin 180/ no. of phase

say 1 phase, 230v, what is the 3 phase voltage

line voltage = 2 * 230 * sin 180/3 = 400v
1.732 = 2*sin180/n

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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732..

Answer / s.arul

root (3)

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