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IBM Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is auto transformer

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draw single line diagram of UPS

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What happens if 25 Hz frequency is applied for 400/200,50 Hz single phase Transformer.Will Voltage increase ?

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why do fans generally rotate in anti clock wise direction??

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what is the phase voltage and line voltage in 2 phase power supply?

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What happens when DC supply is given to transformer

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what is the function of supervison relay?Draw its wiring diagram.

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can u describe the method used for protection of transmission line.


In star and delta connected systems , for driving power and as well as light load which one you will preferred?

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How much should be the load percentage for 15kva Inverter and Iinut & I output load with Calculations


how to calculate mf when meter and cTPT detail are given


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IBM Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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