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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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how we can know qtp has used smart identification machanism during the execution.

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Suppose U change the script whether it affect the object properties of the object in the object repository

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who is the best faculty in Hyderabad for QTP?

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write is the code for regular expression in QTP

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How to find the OS name by using QTP script?

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Hi experts. I want to create a framework for the Flight Reservation sample application.Can anybody tell me the files and the contents , and how to create them.Thanks

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How will you set a unique four digit number in an edit field in QTP?

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How the objecs properties are identified?Tell me in Hierarchical order?

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Extract a word from a sentenece?

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WHat is Object Identification and Object Spy?

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Howcan you differentiate between Exist statement, Exist property, and Exist method??? How they used???

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How to count no of edit boxes on the page?

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Why do we use text checkpoint as we can make use of the same in the standard check point?

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Why do we use "Text checkpoint" If we can make use of it in "standard checkpoint" ?


write a VBscript code to parametrize test script using test data from sqlserver database?

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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