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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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I have a library function , with that function 100 scripts are being called. The library function is changed(something is added) . how do i update all the scripts.

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Shared Object Repository is preferable while dealing with dynamic objects ok? descriptive prog also same? ok but why descriptive?(only for w/o application)

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hi, i am trying to capture "web element" names in a web page, and i written the code like this,, with Browser("title:=") with .page("") .webelement("htmltag:=...").getroproperty("innertext") end with end with //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// QTP RETURN ERROR like this: " object's description matches more than one of the objects currently displayed in your application. Add additional properties to the object description in order to uniquely identify the object" ok fine , i need to search another property other than "index" i use all the properties like class,text,innerhtml,innertext,visible=true,x , y,abs x ,abs y...but qtp returns error ..... in this webpage index is difficult to find? how to solve

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how to test one edit box using Java addin for Web Applications? write script?

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how your doing reporting in your script?

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What is the difference between driver-script and AOM-script?

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Hi, one script having 10 Actions,but i want to execute only 3rd action and 7th action? how to execute selected actions? throgh script and through navigation?

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i have batch scripts in qtp and i want to update the status like pass/fail in excel sheet after excecuting the every script in to write the script for this?

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We have a dynamic webtable where rows keep on adding.I have to click on particular row where the status changes to Update or Save.How do you click on Status(either it can be Update or save)

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Can you write User defined function for WebEdit ? Note1: This function can be used for all web edits in all pages Note2: Don't use Child objects method

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We have opened three browser such as Facebook,Gmail,Amazon,I want to generate the script of Login of Amazon application, but while adding the object such as edit box(user id,password) in OR is not added.Could you please resolve my issue

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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