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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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in one page we have 100 links i have to click the 99th link how can i click the 99th link.

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We have 10 page.In first page we 2 popup and next page we 3 popup window......(windows name is different)how can we handle the all the popups without using recovery scenario

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Hi, Has anybody attended IBM interview on 17th APR 2010,and got offer letter? I had given interview and selected also but still did not recieve offer letter.

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1.what is test automation life cycle?

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write code to read and write data from file?

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is it possible to change the date format like MM/DD/YY into DD/MM?YY through script in QTP

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how to call multiple scripts in QTP at a time

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Write the regular expression code, it accepts the alpha, numeric and special symbol and the first character should be the Alphabet. Tell me the answer

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What is the difference between client server application and web based application?

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What is the difference between client server application and web based application?

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wt is playback facilityin qtp?

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How to swap two numbers by using parameter passing method byref in a fucntion and return the result to outside of the function?

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four browser are open same application i want to enter 3browser how?

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if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do?


Can I use datatable of Action1 in the Action2.

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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