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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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How do we edit the script in QTP. Anybody can explain in detail..Thanks in advacne...

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How to load object properties to object repository through scripting.give one example

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how to load vbs file to qtp through scripting. plz provide the code.....

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examples of user definied functions? how to write user defined functions in qtp9.2?

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what is framework? which frame work u follow for writting script?

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Does QTP recognize two diff browser's at a time..?if possible how..? Is it possible run scripts on Mozilla which are recorded on IE..?..How..?

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What is the Difference between Environment variable and Globle variable,.. anybody can give me answer..Thanks in advance...

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Suppose there are 10 browsers opened on desktop. I want to close all browsers except one browser in QTP. Can any one give the code for this?

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what is diffrense between action and function

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What is test automation framework?which framework does QTP follow?Need some practical explanation as to how u will start ur testing process following a particular framework?

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How to Synchronize the Browser at Field level? For example if you put Browser.sync(), its waiting upto for that Browser sync only. It should wait total Browser get upload with fields.

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Want to verify notepad reports using QTP framework or any other BV script method. Can anyone share the method to achieve it? Eg. Person Name is the header and the actual name is John then how can we verify weather person name is John


Does QTP support Java Script also. Which is one is preferrable for QTP, VB script or Java script

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Plz suggest me a good training institute in Mumbai/hyderabad for QTP…. Plz advice thank u

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I want to open a GOOGLE page without recording a test in QTP.Can any one answer me?

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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