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IBM Siebel Interview Questions
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if we have an applet in edit mode having mvgapplet for one field,in which mode the mvg applet will be opened

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In an applet one custom button is created on clicking that button all the fields get validated and then message should be displayed on the other applet as the corresponding field values are empty


In an order screen if the Status value changes from Inprogess to Pending all the line items must become read only

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What is the difference between the MVG applet and List applet? What is the relationship they have?

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If you have been given 2 responsibilities say ‘Account Executive’ and ‘Manager’? Is it possible for you to change the Responsibility? And if so where will you change the Responsibility?

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Where will you see the Customer/Order details in Siebel?


What are the different levels of visibility available and what are those?

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If a team is handled by one manager, he will be able to see his team’s activities. And suddenly if the manager is changed, will the new manager be able to see the team members activities or not.

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What is PDQ’s? If you have created a PDQ and if someone else is logging into Siebel with his ID, then will he be able to see the PDQ which you have saved? Will the Admin will be able to see all the PDQ’s.

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What are the test cases which you will be writing provided the scenario is in an Accounts tab, there are three different status like ‘Open’, ‘Active’ and ‘Pending’. Every night a nightly job will be running and the Accounts which are in ‘Open’ status will be changed to ‘Active’ after the job runs. The user does not have the privilege to change the Status from ‘Open’ to ‘Active’, only privilege he has is to change to ‘Pending’ status.

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What are the different applets available in Siebel?

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Explain the flow which you follow in your Siebel application

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In Siebel after you Generate a Bill, how will you come to know that whether a Bill is been sent to the customer or not.

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What is bounded and unbounded pick list?

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Will you be able to change the ‘Position’ in your Siebel and see the different level of Data?

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IBM Siebel Interview Questions

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