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IBM Siebel Interview Questions
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In MVG concept 1:M has only MVG applet but where as M:M has shuttel applet(Combination of Associate applet and Mvg applet) why?


Can we use Mozilla Firefox browser for Siebel? if Yes, how it is?

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defination of siebel crm?

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why did use the siebel crm?

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when u will get sysnapy errors?

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when will raise hand held errors?

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I want to see 4 static picklist values in one view and in another view i want to see 6 picklist values for that field, how will u configure?

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when i click on first time ststic picklist valus should be 4 values and if i click next time i want to see 6 picklist with diff values for that same field.How will u configure


Hi All, anyone explain me about lonlist property while creating Picklist we wil cum to this property. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi All, anyone can explain me about precision n scale properties. while extending one column in a table we will cum under these properties. Thanks n advance.

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IBM Siebel Interview Questions

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