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what is PICKMAP?

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what is PICKMAP?..

Answer / sindhu

Specifies instructions for copying fields when a picklist
is used by a field

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what is PICKMAP?..

Answer / sowmya reddy

A pickmap defines the correspondence between the
originating field and the value field in the picklist
generic business component

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what is PICKMAP?..

Answer / balajikonagalla

pickmap copies the values from the picklist that is given in
picklist into field that you given.if picklist is not given
then even though the values are given LOV will not display
in the picklist

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what is PICKMAP?..

Answer / shankar

A PickMap defines to pick the value for the specified
picklist corresponding to the SVF of the SVF PickMap. If the
pickmap is not defined the picklist does not work

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