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IBM Siebel Interview Questions
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i am planning to learn Siebel CRM, I have no idea how it works & i do have have couple of questions like a learner. i really appropriate you time on this. Questions 1) what is Siebel CRM..? 2) how does it works..? 3) is it GUI interface or program based..? 4)any learning documents (Online) if you have Please forward me.? 5)how do we implement the system..? 6) how do we support after implementation..? any online training course available..? any online step by step document availanble..? Please help me to get into the CRM world. Regards Mahi

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I have installed LR 8.0v on my system and wanted to test siebel web application. when i tried to record the application throught siebel web protocol, the launcher tries to connect to that URL but after some time the URL gives as Page Cannot Be Displayed, the same URL when we login manually it works fine. LR is not able to connect to the Application. What could be the reason? Can some one please help me on this. Thanks In Advance

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i want interview question on siebel testing.very urgent


Can Some one please give few examples for M:1 relationships in Siebel. For Ex: 1:M is Contact to Business Address, so for M:1 what relation ships can be??

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Difference between search specification and search constant


A view having 2 applets on same bc aplet 1 having search specification "x" and applet 2 having search specification "y" How would the data get filtered

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what is the value for applet user property "CanInvoke" and how do we write expression for this

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If we can invoke a custom method using applet property "CanInvoke" what is the need to use webapplet_precaninvoke event method what is the difference

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how would we give access to data using positions


scenario where we use ForwardBackward & ForwardOnly in Execute Query in Scripting

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explain about BC UserProperty : AllModeSort Applet User Property : MenuItem


In link if we set Link Specification as "True" then what will be the expression given for link specification to access parent bc field value in child bc

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For a field Status we define predefault value ="inprogess" Postdefault value="Completed" a record is copied from an existing record having status field value "Cleared" in the copied record if the status field value is made blank and then saved the record what will be the value of status field after saving

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in a three level hierarchial picklist say country,state,city how do we perform pickmap 2)say if we have values same for country (having value 'A') and for state (having value 'A') and for city having value 'B' and in parent Lic we give value for city as 'A' how do it recognise it as State any other solution


In hierarchial picklist if we select Country as "USA" then we get state & City Values constrained to USA. If we Select Country Other Than USA, We should get state ans city values Empty How do we do this For 1 reccord of Country we can do this using OnFieldUpdateSet Bc UserProperties but if we want to do this for 50 records how to do this

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IBM Siebel Interview Questions

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