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About MVL(multivaluelink)?

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?..

Answer / shankar

A company has many branches displaying all the branches
makes the company name duplicate. To avoid, we can use MVL.
The purpose of MVL is to displays child applet associated
with that parent record. A MVL works on the basic of a
link(contact and opty) and child bc (opty)

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?..

Answer / madhu

The Relation between BC to Link is called MVL.When We configure MVG&Shuttle Applet We use MVL

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?..

Answer / srikanth

mvl finds the links relationship between the two BC's.

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?..

Answer / caesar kneipnix

MVL has 2 reasons.
1. To define the Relationship between BusComps within a
Business Object. This is used to create Views and Applets
2. To show multiple Records of a BusComp within another

MVL could represent a 1:M or M:M Relationship, this is due
to Siebel Business Logic

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?..

Answer / kadappa

When we want display child applet record show parent itself.
Multivalue links is used the relation bewrrn table is M:1.

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