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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions
Questions Answers Views Company eMail record it will insert but changes of natural key is not present in taget i want to update (here key is composite natural key )can any one help this to explan how to do


What are the third party tools you used in your project?

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What is the default padding character?

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how CAN we remove duplicates in dataset?

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Is it possible to query a hash file?


How u implement the slowly changing dimensions if my source table is consisting of cid,cname,add,phno,email but i need to capture the changes for first three columns how u implement?

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i want send my all duplicate record one tar and all uniq records one target how we will perfome explain example: input data eid 251 251 456 456 951 985 out put/target1 251 251 456 456 out put/target2 951 985 how we will bring

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source contains 2 columns comes to target 4 columns how

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how to validate the jobs

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Anyone has Datastage certification free dumps for 000-418 , 000-421 codes, mail me @ 000-418 : InfoSphere DataStage v8.0 000-421 : InfoSphere DataStage v8.5

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Which warehouse using in your datawarehouse


Hi frnds, my scenario is like i'm having a record 1234"1323£3434%343434^23232!1212$23232 in the above record all the special characters must be can we do it in datastage 8.0.1.can any one please ans this? thanx in advance

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Is it possible to implement parallelism in Mainframe Jobs ? If Yes how ? If no why ?


How to convert table data into xml file using xml output stage? please explain step by step;

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how to change left and right links in join stage?

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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions

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