What are the third party tools you used in your project?

Answer / nupur

Austosys Scheduling tool

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what is the difference between lookup stage reject link and merge stage reject link in datastage Parallel jobs? interm of output in Merge Reject link and Look Up Reject link ?

4 Answers   HCL,

what will happen if we allow duplicates in datastage lookup abort drop record 1st value of duplicate record none

1 Answers   Wipro,

what is sparse lookup?

7 Answers   IBM,

input Name Salay Sam 10 Sam 30 Sam 20 Ram 40 Ram 50 Output should be Name Salary Count Sam 10 3 Ram 40 2 get min salary and count of name . OutPut 2 Name Seq Sam 1 Sam 2 Sam 3 Ram 1 Ram 2

1 Answers   HCL,

Hi guys, 7. how to get this output i/p col1,col2 101,a 102,b 103,c 104,d o/p col1,col2 101,d 102,c 103,b 104,a Thanks

2 Answers   Cap Gemini, IBM,

I want capture UnMatched records from Primary source and secondary source in JOIN stage?

3 Answers   TCS,

what is snow flack schema?

2 Answers  

What are the partition techniques available in your last project?

1 Answers  

what is main difference between change capture and change apply stages

4 Answers   IBM,

how can we send even and odd records from a sequential file to two different targets

10 Answers   TCS, iGate, IBM,


8 Answers   ME,

which is the most complex job in your career? Please tell me answer?

2 Answers   IBM, Wipro,