What are the third party tools you used in your project?

What are the third party tools you used in your project?..

Answer / nupur

Austosys Scheduling tool

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How to transfer file from one system to another system in UNIX?which command to be use?

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1.What is the flow of Transformer? 2.How can you do INDEX table in DataStage level?

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what is use of SDR function?

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i have source data like empno,enmae 11 ,aa 12 ,bb i want output like empno,ename 11 ,aa 12 ,bb 11 ,aa 12 ,bb

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I am running a job with 1000 records.. If the job gots aborted after loading 400 records into target... In this case i want to load the records in the target with 401 record... How will we do it??? This scenario is not for sequence job it's only in the job Ex: Seq file--> Trans--> Dataset..

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i have a scenario with i/p as ID,salary with values 1,1000 2,2000 and 3,4000 i need an extra column in the o/p named amount with values 2000,4000 and NULL. how can i get it?

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convert yyyy mm dd to dd mm yyyy?

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In my project source data comes from MAINFRAME in files.so,This time data is coming as a binary file...I know for binary data we use Complex flat file stage..I have used it also..but on 'view data' data is not coming correctly..as it in MAINFRAME.give me some ideas..

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i have one table with one column in this column i have three rows like 1,1,2 then that rows populate to target as first tow rows as one row and remaing row as one row how it posible? COLUMN_NAME SHIVA RAMU MADHU THEN I WANT TO LIKE SHIVA AND RAMU IN ONE ROW AND MADHU IS ONE ROW IF ANY ONE KNOW PLZ TELL ME

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