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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions
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How can u write exception handling in seq file????

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i have a project manager round on sat this week can you post what are the main question i have to check.if you have any idea regular question on project pls send me. thanks in advance

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How to generate surrogate key without using surrogate key stage?

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How can we select pr retrieve the particular row in dataset by using orchadmin command?

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what is the use of DSattchJob?DetachJob? where can we find it?


root tree will find which is server job and which is parallel job?


how can we create rank using datastage?what is the meaning of rank?


is it possible to access the same job by two users at a time in DataStage?

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where the log files or tables can store in DS?

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where we use config file as parameter ?

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job locking methods? How can we unlock the job?

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Is there any possibility to generate alphanumeric surrogate key?

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what are .ctl(control files) files ? how the dataset stage have better performance by this files?


i want job aborted after some records are loaded into output by using only sequential stage and dataset

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How to exclude first and last lines while reading data into a sequential file(having some 1000 records).I guess probably by using unix filter option but not sure which to use

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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions

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