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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions
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In which situations we can use normal and sparse lookup stages

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i have data like sam ram sam raj ram I want two targets trgt1 ram sam trgt2 raj how can i do this in datastage?

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what is the difference between 7.1,7.5.2,8.1 versions in datastage?

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How we can convert rows to columns in datastage?

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how can u find out the datastage job is running on how many nodes

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what is .dsx files

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I/P --- ID Value 1 AB 2 ABC 3 ADE 4 A O/p --- ID Value 1 A 1 B 2 A 2 B 2 C 3 A 3 D 3 E 4 A

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hi All, i have one scenario like if source--->transformer-->2 target sequential files the 1 st target sequential file is loads the data from source and 2nd target sequntial file contain the 1st target total record count,and file name of 1 st target seq file and timestamp seperated by delimeter for example if source have 10 record the 1st target seq file hav 10 records and 2nd target seq file example 10|xyz.txt|20101110 00:00:00 could you please help me out how can i implement in datastage job.

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There are two file are there .1st file contains 5 records and 2nd file contain 10 records in target they want 50 can achieve this


There are two file are there .1st file contains 5 records and 2nd file contain 10 records in target they want 50 can achieve this

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Explain briefly scd type2 in datastage7.5x2(parallel)

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1)How to Duplicate Records Delete in Sequential file?

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Parallel job contains more than 20 stages. I want to find out which stage is more performance incentive.

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Out of 4 mill records only 3 mill records are loaded to target and then job aborted. How to load only those 1 mill(not loaded records) for next run. This job is not sequential job, it is stand alone parallel job.What are the possibilities available in datastage8.1?

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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions

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