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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions
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how to design the change capture stage in(data stage parallel jobs) type 2

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why do u need the IOS upgradation in a FC switch


describe the Steps to confiure a Qlogic switch


Hi Gus, Can u pls tell me How can u Call the Shell Scripting/Unix Commands in Job Sequence?

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in job of 30 one job is very slow due to this entire job is very slow how can u know which job is slow?


in a job of 20 one job is very slow due to that entire job is slow how can u find out which job is slow?

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what is advantages of snowflake when it is used?

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wt is the difference between swith and filter stage

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In aggregator stage,to find the sum of the entire group of columns,it displays in binary format. How can i solve this problem.

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in aggregator , how can i get the sum in readable format

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what r the stages mostly used in realtime scenarios

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How can you join flat file, oracle as a sources?

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at source level i have 40 columns,i want only 20 cols at target what r the various ways to get it

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if i have two tables table1 table2 1a 1a,b,c,d 1b 2a,b,c,d,e 1c 1d 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e how can i get data as same as in tables? how can i implement scd typ1 and type2 in both server and in parallel? field1 field2 field3 suresh , 10,324 , 355 , 1234 ram , 23,456 , 450 , 456 balu ,40,346,23 , 275, 5678 how to remove the duplicate rows,inthe fields?


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IBM Data Stage Interview Questions

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