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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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where we save the scripts created in one project?

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Suppose one object is changed in a project after delivering the project.Where we will update that object? it can be present in many scripts so can we update all the scripts?

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Anybody can tell me what are the common roles and responsibilites of a Automation Test engineer

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tell me types of environment variables? what r they? explain details? pls give anwer any one?

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how many types of actions r there? what r they? explain? pls give any one answer?

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tell me about regular expressions in QTP? where we use? give eample?

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i want know iam working 2+ exp in QTP can i do performence testing (eg:loadrunner) yes r no?

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What is diffrence between Global variables and Environment variables...Anybody can give me answer..Thanks in advance..

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what is smart identification in qtp? pls any give details? thanks in advance

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Pls can anybody send me the Recent Technical and Interview Questions Which were asked in IBM(QTP)Automation PLZZZZZZZZZ


What is operator in VB Script?

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How to map the test cases to requirements in QC?

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write progamming connecting QTP to database sql? this is question asked by interview? pls any answer this?

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write progamming connecting QTP to database sql? this is question asked by interview? please give sql, pl/sql related answer?pls any answer this?

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How do we Access, retriew and edit the runtime objects in Automation Testing using QTP

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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