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Anybody can tell me what are the common roles and
responsibilites of a Automation Test engineer

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Anybody can tell me what are the common roles and responsibilites of a Automation Test engineer..

Answer / ruchir


1)Check out the feasibilty of the application that needs to
be automated
2) Create an automation test plan
3) Create the Automation test cases
4) Choose the correct framework that needs to be used
5) Create the scripts
6) Execute the scpipts
7) Analyse the results
8) Report the issues to the concerned person

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Anybody can tell me what are the common roles and responsibilites of a Automation Test engineer..

Answer / mahesh.k

1. understanding the requirements, posting the queries if any doubt.
2 automating the test cases.
3.choose and involved,in writing the code for frame work.
executing the test scripts.
4. analyzing the results.
5.defect tracking and reporting.

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