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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I had created an excise invoice but while taking printout system showing an error of HECS duty as nil in wording where as actuallly happened is Rs.4O/- and system is showing same amount in numbers. how to rectfy this error of showing Rs 40/- even in Words


Hello Friends, pls Explain Free of Cost Samples(FOC)and explain step by step

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what is ticketing tool? what is SODA?

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difference detween cash sale and rush order is ..? plz..

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how do we control the credit checks with specific to distribution channel and division?

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i got a problem in printing checks online through sap. problem is that geting printing towards left i want print it in a proper position where do i configure this?

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I have already 50 open sales order,But i need those 50 open sales order wll active incomplition of one particular field.can any body has about it ? is it possible to do incomplete field those 50 sales order

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What is the difference between task and change request?

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What do you mean by drop shipment?

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What is the use of column CONDITION TYPE in Pricing procedure determination.Like sales area+cust. pp+ Doc. pp+ Pricing procedure+ CONDITION TYPE, withiout maintaing condition type system get pricing procedure in sales order then what is the use of this column

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In a sales order processing, Condition records is already maintained but still that particular Condition Type does not shown in P.procedures in a sales order. Now what have to do in this situation . plz reply anyone ( IBM Interview) . **SUCHIT**

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What is the use of entering base price [PR00] in OVKK

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How did you configurate SD Document Types? What are SD Documents?

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in sap sd module in real time seaniro explain?

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Give 3 scenario of reporting due to which you require reporting help of ABAP consultant?


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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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